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Traced: 0,75L Bottle

Traceability is a production process used by olive growers and oil mill manufacturers to have a product quality certification system.

The Customer will have the possibility to retrace the oil’s path through all the phases of its life: olive grove management, olives harvest, oil extraction, bottling. The olives must be cultivated and crushed exclusively in Italy.

The operating method is based on Norma ISO 22005/07, which determines the operating principles to realize a voluntary system of traceability of the production chain of the food farming products. This operating method guarantees to the Customer the origin and quality of the product.


Olive grove manufacturers, oil mill and trade associations (APROV, UNAPROL).

Final result: every package of certified oil with traceability has its own item number which identifies, in a unequivocal way, the oil inside the package. Sending the code via SMS, the Consumer will receive immediately the history and the specific features of the purchased oil, as quality product guarantee.

Frantoio Paolocci: best quality at best prices!

Also available in the following sizes:

- 3L Can
- 5L Can

Traced: 0,75L Bottle

Product currently not available for purchase. Contact us for more information or reservations.


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